KnowledgeBase (FAQ)

  • How do I associate a procedure in my dentistry?

    A procedure can be associated from the practice section of the admin panel. A separate procedure section is given inside a specific dentistry for the sole purpose of association between a procedure and a dentistry which is displayed on that specific dentistry's website.

  • How do I add a procedure?

    Procedures can be added from the procedure link present on the menu panel. A procedure consists of fields including procedure image, category and procedure text. It is to ensure that a complete information about a procedure is displayed.

  • What are procedures?

    Procedures are the medical procedures carried out by a dentist for particular dental issue eg. wisdom tooth removal etc.

  • How do I change my credentials for ASIRD admin account?

    The credentials can be changed from the account section visible near the profile link of the admin panel. In this section, username and password fields can be updated.

  • How do I activate my ASIRD admin account?

    You can activate it by sending a request mail to support

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